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Mission to Zyxx Season 1 Episode 1

This is my first post in a looooonngggg time but I do not want to let this blog die. I am going to try a few things to make this seem less time consuming and hopefully, that will help me stay on top of it. I am definitely going to try to keep my reviews shorter and stop summarizing the whole episode because that’s boring anyway. I will also not try and keep up with every episode of a podcast. For podcasts I am catching up on I might review in chunks of several episodes or seasons, and for all podcasts I will review important episodes separately, such as the very first episode or finale, etc.

Now with that out of the way, let’s get into a funny podcast I heard about today: Mission to Zyxx, created by Audioboom.

I must admit the main reason I listened to this podcast was because someone said it was like EOS 10. I had other podcasts I planned to listen to first but I LOVE EOS 10 and could not pass on this one. I was not disappointed.  is an improv podcast and seems to be more focused on comedy, so there are obvious differences in style and tone compared to EOS 10, but the similarities are enough. There is a great dynamic between the main crew and endless laughs throughout the episode.

First thing I need to say is I like the sound quality. I know audio dramas are varying levels of professional but Mission to Zyxx is clear and has the music and effects mixed well. I also appreciate how loud it is. I listen to podcasts almost exclusively on the train and I sometimes have trouble hearing them even when turned up all the way because the audio itself is just not loud enough. I know that’s not a problem most people have but it’s still appreciated when I don’t have to struggle with that.

The cheesy narrated opening really sets the tone for the type of humor you’ll find in the rest of the podcast. It sets the user up for the way the podcast uses different sci-fi stereotypes to quickly create a dynamic so the jokes can start right away. The most immediate use of these tropes to me was the crew. The main character, Ambassador Pleck Decksetter occupies the role of the well-meaning, charming, yet irresponsible crew member everyone else can’t decide if they love or hate. He is similar to Doug Eiffel from Wolf 359. Then there is Dar, who automatically reminded me of Jane from EOS 10. Both of the characters act as the funny but casually violent and reactionary member. Then there is Nermut Bundaloy, who oversees the mission and tries to keep the crew in line, and C-53 and Bargie (the ship itself), who both act as different interpretations of the “omnipresent AI” character. The mix of personalities is a classic setup for guaranteed conflict and humor.

The actors all do a good job with their characters and really isolate their different roles. When I was first taking notes, I wrote down that it almost sounds like the actors are improving in places and then I went to the podcast website and realized that’s because they are! After learning that I was even more impressed with their performances. Even though the improv comes through in places they do a really great job in the first episode of making the lines consistently funny and keeping the minimal amount of plot moving without breaking character. There were only a few points where I was taken out of the story because I could tell they were improving, mainly due to the actors sounding like they were struggling to keep a straight face. Even the first Audible ad didn’t pull me out of the story much since they delivered it like an in-universe announcement and the flow of the episode was random enough it almost felt like it fit in the story.

There isn’t much to the plot itself, which is fine since that clearly isn’t the point of this kind of podcast. I do hope there is a little more story as the podcast goes on but I am willing to wait and see. One thing I do like is that they include references to the crew being different species and having wildly different biology. I always think even little world building references like that help add to the immersion.

All in all Mission to Zyxx is a fun time. It is a hilarious podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is serious about delivering entertainment. I would definitely recommend it if you like audio dramas, comedy, science fiction, or all three!

Rating- 7/10

Notable lines:

“Do you know the people who used to be inside of me?”

“Bargie, what is the recommended speed for an evacuation of this type?” “Fast.”

“I think we should eject The Coolada into deep space.”


You can listen and learn more about Mission to Zyxx here.



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